Extreme Pizza in Dallas offers $863.49 slice/drink 'special' for Redskins, Giants fans

Pricey 'za. (Fox Sports Southwest)

If you're a Redskins or Giants fan living in Dallas, odds are pretty good you congregate somewhere within enemy territory to watch your team play. Odds are pretty good, too, that you're not going to Extreme Pizza.

The Dallas pizza joint, per Fox Sports Southwest, often offers up special deals during Cowboys games. Their latest "special" was a doozy though: On Wednesday if you told the cashier you're a Redskins or Giants fan, you got a jumbo slice of cheese pizza and a fountain drink for the low, low price of $863.49.

Assistant Manager Chris Donnell told FSS they haven't had any takers, but someone did make a knee-slapper about rooting for Washington.

"He wasn't really a Redskins fan," Donnell said. "You kind of got to be crazy to be a Redskins fan in Dallas, or very brave."

Or transplanted and extremely wealthy -- for Cowboys fans in the area, the cost of the same deal is $3.50.

But even if you were a transplanted Redskins fan and happened to have $800 you wanted to set on fire in the name of some stubbornness, are you really so insane that you want to waltz in wearing a Rex Grossman jersey and scarf down a piece of cheese 'za? Unlikely.

Good on Extreme for being Texas-y enough to generate some publicity with some trash talk, though.

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