Eye on NFL-inspired art: What if team logos were British?

Two of our favorite British-inspired NFL logos.  (Dave's Art Locker)

Earlier this month, the Jaguars convened a press conference to unveil their new logo. Despite claims of "purposeful change" and "forging a new identity," it didn't look much different from the one that they were replacing (right down to the teal tongue).

David Rappoccio, the man behind Dave's Art Locker, might never be asked to consult with an NFL team for a new design, but the man has talent. We bring that up because, in a recent post on his blog, Rappoccio posed a question that almost certainly has never been asked before: What if all NFL logos were British?

(Related: If news, in general, is easy to take when it's delivered with an English accent, maybe teams like the Jags, Browns, Chiefs and Cards should think about hiring British P.A. announcers.)

It might seem arbitrary, but the league will play in Europe twice in 2013, and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell hasn't hidden the fact that he wants to make American football a global game. In that sense, Rappoccio is ahead of his time. Or he just likes making fun of grown men who wear costumes and are paid handsomely to do so. Either way, enjoy.

(If you liked that, you'll appreciate Rappoccio's 32 team-inspired Manning Face logos. You're welcome.)

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