Eye on the News: Breaking down Super Bowl newspaper front pages

Who's got it better than us? Nobody. (Eye on Football Illustration)

Newspaper covers say a lot about events in our country. This is never more true when you locally center those covers based on sporting events.

The Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers are experiencing joy, as are their respective cities. The opposite is true for the Falcons and Patriots and, respectively, Atlanta and Boston.

So we figured we'd dig up the front pages of each local paper, courtesy of the excellent folks at Newseum.com. If you want to see the bigger version, simply click the paper below.

The San Francisco Chronicle implies that there was some sort of curse on the 49ers with their "Weight is lifted" headline. Yeah, it's their first title since 1995, but does anyone in San Francisco really feel like there's an overbearing weight surrounding the city with respect to football? Or sports? Someone should remind them of their baseball team.

It's stunning to me that the only one major paper in any of the four cities involved decided to go with "Har-Bowl" as the headline, but that's what the San Jose Mercury-News (and, by default, the Oakland Tribune) did, thankfully.

The Baltimore Sun stuck with "Super Time" for their headline and while that's pretty meh, the pic of John Harbaugh aggressively pointing at Joe Flacco, as if to scream "ELITE!" is pretty awesome.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution accurately captures how folks in Atlanta feel with "Sad End, Super Season" -- the picture of the (likely) weeping Falcons fan sums up things nicely, but from what I've seen, Falcons fans have been taking the loss pretty well.

The Boston Globe actually did a split cover with Barack Obama and Tom Brady, so I'm not even giving it a spot here (sorry, Mr. President). Besides, the Boston Herald was better I thought, at least on Monday:

The Sun Chronicle was the real winner when it came to Patriots-related headlines and covers though, busting out "Revenge of the Birds."

BONUS COVER: The New York Post always delivers, so we're gonna put it here. This time they went full-blown BRO BOWL as their headline. Of course they did.

If you've got a good headline and/or front cover from your neck of the woods (or one you saw elsewhere) drop it in the comments.

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