You might've heard laughter from some, but none of it came from Ezekiel Elliott

Still locked in a holdout pattern as he awaits a new deal from the Dallas Cowboys, the two-time All-Pro made his way to Cabo to train and has reportedly shed weight in the process. He took a bit of a respite from his training in Mexico and made his way back to Dallas while the Cowboys took on the Los Angeles Rams in Honolulu, but the stay was designed to be a short one -- as he will likely head south of the border once again to continue his conditioning. Obviously, securing a deal will keep get him back on the practice field, but nothing is imminent right now.

Meanwhile, in the aforementioned battle with the Rams, rookie Tony Pollard opened a few eyes. The former Memphis star posted 42 rushing yards on five carries along with a touchdown, giving strong evidence of why the Cowboys are so excited about the potential for their ailing offense with him onboard. 

When asked about Pollard's performance after the preseason win in Hawaii, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones had a bit of fun with his answer.

"Zeke who?" Jones said to Mike Leslie of WFAA Channel 8, before smiling big and making sure everyone knew he was joking. "We're having some fun. Not at [Elliott's] expense. I will say this -- that was a critical [failed] blitz pickup that got our quarterback killed. [Pollard] has got to be able to make that block. What's amazing is for him to be able to come in here ...and he knows exactly what to do and how to do it. He goes out there and he plays at that level -- if he continues this through the next several weeks -- he's going to be right in the middle of it early."

Of course, the headlines were carried by the joke and not the context, but Jones is careful to double down on his intentions for Elliott; and how Pollard was brought in to be Robin -- as opposed to suddenly being asked to become the Dark Knight.

"And that will really complement what we're doing with Zeke," Jones affirmed, with a straight face. "Not replace that, and I mean that. Not replace it. Nobody's getting cute here. It's certain to be a great compliment. I can picture those guys in the same sets at the same time out there, and really giving those defenses fits."

Elliott's agent, Rocky Arceneaux, didn't take kindly to the jest, though.

"I didn't think it was funny, and neither did Zeke," Arceneaux told Chris Mortensen of ESPN. "We actually thought it was disrespectful."

Thus far, talks have been mostly progressive -- albeit slow and steady -- with no true setbacks occurring as both sides make their point(s) as to why the looming contract should be structured in one way or the other. Although, taken in its complete context, Jones' quip was intended to be completely innocuous, however a joke is often only funny if the person listening to it choose to enjoy on the punchline. Jones did. The media did. Elliott and his agent did not. The goal now is to remind Elliott of Jones' intent, which was explained over the remainder of the interview, and to hope this doesn't create a left turn in negotiations.

The Cowboys want Elliott back on the field, and in tandem with Pollard.

That's it. That's the plan.