Weight clauses are apparently all the rage this offseason. 

Seahawks running back Eddie Lacy's weight clause has been well-publicized. Lacy made $55,000 when he weighed in at under 255 pounds back on May 15, and he can collect another $55,000 if he weighs less than 250 pounds when he weighs in on Monday. 

But he's not the only player with a lot of incentive to have dropped his playing weight this week. Defensive tackle Dontari Poe, who signed with the Falcons earlier this offseason after spending the first five years of his career with the Kansas City Chiefs, has a weigh-in scheduled for Tuesday. 

According to Field Yates of ESPN, Poe collects $125,000 if he weighs less than 340 pounds. 

Poe was listed by the Chiefs at 346 pounds last season, which made him the heaviest player to throw a touchdown in the history of the NFL. (He had already held the record as the heaviest player to run for a touchdown.) He has $500,000 worth of weight incentives in his contract in all, which requires him to get down to around 330 pounds. 

"He just told me he wanted me to come in and play fast and be aggressive," Poe said of Falcons coach Dan Quinn back in March. "So, around 330 is where I'll play at most of the year. I feel like that will be a comfortable weight for me, too."

Tuesday's weigh-in is the first step in that process. ESPN.com's Falcons writer Vaughn McClure stated that Poe should have "no problem" making weight, based on how the burly defensive tackle has been looking lately.