Falcons kicker Matt Bryant has figured out a way to communicate with alligators

Matt Bryant is more than just the kicker for the Atlanta Falcons. He's more than just one of the game's best kickers. He's also an alligator whisperer. 

As NFL Films revealed on Thursday, Bryant has figured out a way to communicate with alligators. By making this weird noise with his mouth, Bryant is actually able to get alligators to approach him.

Of note: The video is from a few years ago, but it resurfaced this week. It's worth a re-watch:

"I figured out that I could call alligators like you would call a dog coming to you," he said. "Watching National Geographic and I noticed the babies would make this sound and it would bring all the gators to them. So, I started just messing around with it and I was able to imitate the sound that they made."

So, how does he do it?

"I just try to put my lips together," he said. "Instead of whistling out, I'm trying to suck in from the side of my mouth."

Impressive -- and potentially dumb, considering Bryant is one leg bite away from having his career snatched away from him. Then again, maybe Bryant is just preparing for his life after football. Though Bryant has made 85.6 percent of his field goals during his 15-year career, he's also 42 years old, which means he could be out of a job soon.

Hopefully Animal Planet already has his TV contract ready.

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