Falcons' Matt Ryan hit in head/neck area, officials don't throw flag

So here's what we wrote Tuesday, two days after 49ers linebacker Ahmad Brooks was penalized for hitting Saints quarterback Drew Brees in the head and/or neck area:

Here's our problem with the penalty: Would a flag have been thrown if Brooks had done that to Joe Flacco or Ben Roethlisberger? We're going with "Eight times out of 10, no way in hell."

Well, we can add Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan's name to the list. Because he was destroyed by Saints defensive lineman Akiem Hicks Thursday night and ... a flag wasn't thrown.

And unlike Brees, Ryan was also the victim of a facemask.

"That was more obvious I thought than the Brees hit last week," NFL Network color commentator Mike Mayock said. ... "I don't know how you miss that one."

Which brings us back to our original point: Rules are rules and we can support that, but it's the enforcement of the rules that drives people insane.

Brooks was fined $16,000 for a penalty he called "bulls--t." We have no idea what Hicks' fate will be, although we're convinced it will involve a blindfold and a dartboard.

* .GIF via SBNation

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