If you were involved in a fantasy football championship last weekend and had Todd Gurley on your squad, there's a pretty good chance you're a happy camper right now. That's because the Rams running back was the top fantasy performer of the week with 118 yards on the ground, plus 158 receiving yards on 10 catches, two of which went for touchdowns. 

After Gurley's incredible performance, he sent out a tweet that was most likely directed to all the annoying fantasy owners who, for some reason, make a point to complain to players when they have down weeks on the field. Don't be one of those people.

Prior to Week 16's slate of games, Raiders beat writer Michael Gehlken shared a pretty great idea. If a fantasy owner wins a championship thanks to a big performance from a star, they can thank them by sharing the winnings with that player's charity of choice. Gehlken attached a list of big names with their respective charities.  

So, after Gurley had a prolific day at the office on Sunday,  some very grateful fantasy owners decided to follow through on the idea. They thanked the running back by donating to the Shriners Hospitals for Children and shared their support. 

Gurley, who has shared negative sentiments about fantasy football in the past, seemed very appreciative of those who showed kindness, saying "fantasy is not so bad after all."

Maybe that will get him to soften his stance a little bit.