Fill out 247Sports' NFL Uniform Madness Bracket

Around this time every year, Americans give in to March Madness and start filling out college basketball brackets for the NCAA tournament.

We at 247Sports wanted to provide diehard football fans with a similar experience, so we built an NFL Uniform Madness Bracket (scroll below to fill out!). Instead of 64 basketball teams, there are 64 uniforms (home and away for each team) going head-to-head in a six-round tournament.

The left side of the bracket is the dark side, while the right side is the light side. For the most part, this separates all the home and away uniforms on opposite sides. The only exceptions are the Dallas Cowboys and Los Angeles Rams, both of whom wear white jerseys at home.

The bracket is also broken up by division, with NFC divisions featured on the top half of the bracket and AFC divisions featured on the bottom half. In order for teams to advance beyond their "regions," they must face-off with their biggest rivals first.

No matter what, the championship is guaranteed to feature the NFL's best dark uniform against the best light uniform.

To start filling out the bracket, click a matchup and pick the uniform you like better. Keep going until the bracket is complete, then share your results on social media.

(***Bracket may take an extra second to load)

This bracket only featured designated home and away jerseys for a perfect 64 entries. Alternate uniforms were not included, but the Atlanta Falcons' all black, Seattle Seahawks' wolf gray and Los Angeles Chargers' powder blue uniforms are a few that could have run the table and come out on top of all those featured above.

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