Marshawn Lynch retired, but thankfully he hasn't completely disappeared from our lives. The former Seahawks and Bills running back was spotted on stage with Bill Clinton in Oakland. He rode some camels in Egypt. His name even popped up in a Twitter fight instigated by the band Smash Mouth.

Now, Beast Mode is heading back to our TVs.

On Tuesday, a 60 Minutes Sports feature on Lynch will debut on Showtime. Five days ahead of that premiere, a two-minute teaser trailer hit the Internet. Based on those two minutes alone, the feature will capture the best of Beast Mode. He won't be putting on an act.

Need proof? Here are five things we learned from those two minutes:

1. He gives the best advice

"If you just run through somebody's face, a lot of people ain't going to be able to take that over and over and over and over and over again. They're just not going to want that," Lynch said. "Run through a mother------- face."

Of note:

2. He used to fly to Oakland every Tuesday during the season

Why? "To taste the air," an unnamed person said in an interview. Lynch would apparently fly in to Oakland, grab something to eat, and then fly back.

3. Don't come at him

"You had to be sharp, had to stay on your toes," Lynch said of his upbringing in Oakland. When he was asked how that's impacted him, Lynch said he's "prepared to deal with y'all. If you come at me with some f------ sh--, I'm probably going to see that a mile away."

4. He really likes FaceTime

"Why can't I walk with my phone?" he asked the producers as they filmed him. He wasn't happy when he was asked to stop FaceTiming.

"You're worse than my damn momma," Lynch told the producer.

5. He wants quesadillas from Taco Bell

"We were right at Taco Bell," Lynch said, "and I couldn't even get no mother------- quesadilla."

Can't argue with that.

Marshawn Lynch will be the subject of an upcoming '60 Minutes' feature USATSI