Flacco says he was 'nervous' when he suggested tackling Ginn

Flacco wasn't really going to tackle Ginn on the last play of the Super Bowl. (USATSI)

In the waning seconds of Super Bowl XLVII with the Ravens leading the 49ers 34-31, quarterback Joe Flacco had an idea: if San Francisco return man Ted Ginn looked like he was going to take the ensuing kick for a game-deciding touchdown, Flacco suggested aloud to teammates to "go tackle him."

When asked if he was serious,  the eventual Super Bowl MVP responded: "I don't know, I mean, what else -- they might be able to give him a touchdown on that, but I don't know."

"Hey, if he breaks it," Flacco continued yelling, "If he busts it for some reason, go tackle him. I don't know the ruling on that..."

Turns out, leaving the bench to tackle an opponent on the field of play is frowned upon. More than that, officials can still award a touchdown to a team victimized by the phantom tackler under the little-known "Palpably Unfair Act."

On Monday, while answering questions about his new six-year, $120.6-million contract, Flacco explained what he meant last month in the Super Dome.

"I saw that people were kind of geting a little mad at me for that," Flacco said via the Baltimore Sun's Aaron Wilson. "There was four seconds left in the game, and that was probably the only time all year that I was really, really nervous. I thought it was a pretty funny thing to kind of get my mind off of the fact that there is a possibility that he could run this thing back. I'm sure if I did do that, I'm sure that they could probably give the guy a touchdown.

"I don't know," Flacco continued. "But it's the Super Bowl, man. I'm doing anything I can to win that game. Yeah, not really serious. They all looked at me like I was crazy. I told the linemen and they kind of backed up for a second like, 'What are you talking about?' But, hey, it was just all in good fun, kind of to distract my mind a little bit."

Now we know.

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