If you're hoping to get rich quick this year by starting a business, your best bet is probably to start a detective agency that specializes in finding missing Super Bowl jerseys. Apparently, we have an epidemic on our hands, people.

Not only is Tom Brady's Super Bowl jersey missing (he actually might be missing two of his Super Bowl jerseys), but Brett Favre's jersey from Super Bowl XXXI is also unaccounted for.

Coincidentally (or not coincidentally, depending on your point of view), that game also involved the Patriots. According to Favre, his jersey mysteriously went missing following Green Bay's 35-21 win over the Patriots back in January 1997.

"No one really cares, but my Super Bowl jersey from my first against New England in New Orleans in which we won -- I have no idea where it is," Favre told Fox Business Network during an interview on Friday. "But no one is talking about it."

Favre was then asked directly if he thought his jersey was stolen.

"Well, I don't have it. I don't know where it is and where it went," the Hall of Fame quarterback replied.

The thing about Favre's jersey is that it's not clear when it went missing. During the interview, Favre was asked if he had it the night after the Packers won.

"Yeah," Favre said. "What happens is there's a massive celebration, of course, you go into the locker room -- it's mass confusion. Unless you actually take your jersey off and your pants and stuff, and you put them in a bag that is secure, you don't know because there's people grabbing stuff, there's laundry, guys are going in the shower, they're hugging, there's champagne -- so, it could easily get taken."

It's not clear if that first "yeah" from Favre is his way of saying "yeah" I had it or his way of confirming he heard the question.

Anyway, there's already a reward for Brady's jersey, and I'm sure Favre would cut you a check if you could find his jersey -- so yes, your Super Bowl jersey detective agency might actually pay off. Someone call Jim Carrey and tell him to get started on another Ace Ventura sequel.

The crazy thing is that there might actually be a third jersey to search for. During an interview with WEEI in Boston this week, Brady said he also had a jersey stolen two years ago.

"I walked back to my bag and it was gone," Brady said of his Super Bowl LI jersey. "Same thing happened two years ago. That sucks, but, oh well."

As for Favre, he was on the Fox Business Network to pitch a new concussion drug. It looks like he's going to try and give Russell Wilson's nanobubbles a run for their money.