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The Kansas City Chiefs' offense has not been its usual explosive self this season, and the team is already out of the running for the No. 1 seed in the AFC. After an atrocious 20-14 loss to the Las Vegas Raiders on Sunday, former Chiefs star Dante Hall had some advice for quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

The Chiefs have now lost three of their last four games, and the latest loss was especially ugly. Kansas City lost to a 6-8 Raiders team in Arrowhead Stadium, and Mahomes threw for 235 yards with a touchdown and a pick-six. On Wednesday's edition of "Good Morning Football," Hall said Mahomes just needs to get back to basics.

"Patrick Mahomes, I love you," Hall said. "You're my favorite quarterback, but you need to fall in love with the mundane. Yes, for five years we have fallen in love with the big plays to Tyreek (Hill) and (Travis) Kelce and all that. It's time to be 'Checkdown Tom Brady.' Fall in love with the swing routes, the checkdowns."

During the game, cameras caught Mahomes ripping into his offensive line after another frustrating series. Hall said Mahomes needs to keep his cool to make sure everyone else does the same thing.

"Body language is everything," Hall said. "When you are screaming and yelling at your players, that permeates negatively."

Although Hall critiqued Mahomes, he didn't place all the blame on the shoulders of the Chiefs quarterback. Hall also called out offensive coordinator Matt Nagy for the offense's lack of discipline and general ineptitude.

"I think it starts at the top with Matt Nagy," Hall said. "I don't really know the guy, so this is all speculation, but what I do know is this: When Eric Bienemy was there, we didn't have this lack of discipline. We didn't have guys not lining up. We didn't have guys dropping a league-leading 25 passes. We had none of this."

The Chiefs do have a golden opportunity to heed Hall's words and get back on track this weekend. Kansas City is set to host the Cincinnati Bengals, who just got torched for 34 points and 397 yards by a much-maligned Pittsburgh Steelers offense.