Washington Redskins quarterback Dwayne Haskins is in the midst of his first NFL offseason and he is charged with impressing new head coach Ron Rivera. The former No. 15 overall pick started in seven games last season after both Case Keenum and Colt McCoy struggled to get the offense going, and he will get the first shot at the starting job when training camp rolls around. Haskins' college coach, Urban Meyer, knows he has the potential to be a franchise quarterback -- he even came to D.C. to watch his former signal-caller toss two touchdowns along with a career-high 261 passing yards in a Week 15 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. There is one area where Meyer noticed Haskins could improve, however, and it doesn't have to do with anything on the field.

"Dwayne likes the social media," Meyer told NBC Sports Washington's JP Finlay. "He's all over the social media. I worry about that a little bit."

Meyer wants Haskins to emulate one of the best quarterbacks of all time when it comes to his conduct off the field.

"I like the Tom Brady approach," Meyer said. "Just focus on your team."

Haskins' social media activity isn't necessarily concerning. A quick look at his Twitter and Instagram profiles appear to feature a hard-working athlete who is also into shoes and fashion. There was one embarrassing moment that will be hard to forget about, however, and it certainly gives credence to Meyer's concern.

During Haskins' first career win in Week 12, Haskins missed the final play of the game because he was busy taking a picture with fans! Keenum actually had to come in to take a knee to end the game.

Brady, on the other hand, is known for being more team-oriented -- and not wanting to draw attention to himself. Unless it's during the offseason and in a Super Bowl commercial that is. Brady is also from a different generation and began his football career when Haskins was just three years old. 

Haskins threw for 1,365 yards, seven touchdowns and seven interceptions in nine total games last season. He improved as the year went on, and his confidence grew as a result. No one is going to criticize your social media activity if you're winning games, which is something Haskins is going to have to prove he can do in 2020.