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It takes a special type of guy to play quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, and few know this as well as Danny White. Much like Dak Prescott, the former Pro Bowl quarterback had to climb the ranks to carve his way into the starting role, which included being tasked with succeeding Roger Staubach -- a football deity. The latter point isn't equal to what Prescott has been asked to do in the post-Tony Romo era, but it's similar, and his ability to break NFL records as a rookie while still improving year-over-year has led to the 27-year-old landing a historic (and highly creative) four-year, $160 million deal with the Cowboys that could max at $164 million with performance escalators.

Additionally, Prescott will be paid a record-setting $66 million signing bonus and $126 million guaranteed, and yet the structure of the deal nets the team $15.5 million in savings in 2021 and allows them to stretch his cap hit over five years on a six-year overall deal that voids after the first four. (Read more on how it all breaks down here.)

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When asked his thoughts on Prescott and the Cowboys finally coming to terms after multiple offseasons of work, White made it clear he could not be more thrilled -- echoing the sentiments of fellow former Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman, who has long called for the deal to get done. 

"You know, I think Dak just has to be surrounded by the right people and then become the quarterback the Dallas Cowboys need that particular year, and they will win a Super Bowl," White said, via SiriusXM NFL Radio. "Dak has proven he checks all the boxes. ... The intangibles are his strength, and that's the great thing about Dak. His leadership in the locker room, on the field, getting them in the right play at the line of scrimmage, his intelligence, it's all there. His durability -- everybody just remembers the injury from this year -- but nobody remembers that Dak hadn't missed a practice in the first four years that he played for the Cowboys, and that's pretty incredible." 

White just wishes the NFL was pumping out these kinds of figures for franchise quarterbacks in yesteryear.

"So, yeah, I think everybody's happy and if I were politically correct, I would tell you how happy I am for Dak. If was being honest, I would tell you how jealous I am and how upset I am that my mom didn't wait 30 years to have me," said White with a laugh, before doubling down on Prescott's nature. "We can't control who gets these contracts and who breaks these records, and that sort of thing, but all we hope for is that it happens to a good guy. ... And Dak is a quality person, and it couldn't happen to a better guy."

The deal works well for both sides and not only keeps Prescott in tow, but also keeps the locker room whole because of it. All the Cowboys have to do now is exactly what White noted when mentioning putting the right guys around him and, in 2021, that has to make repairing the defense a key (read: the lead) focus of the Joneses. But, at least for the moment, they can breathe and celebrate finally achieving a mission they set out to accomplish as far back as 2018.