Former Packers RB Ahman Green: 'I've got 5 years left in me to play football'

Green wants to return to the NFL for another ride, if Green Bay could hook him up, he wouldn’t mind that. (US Presswire)
You remember Ahman Green, right? He gained 9,205 yards in his career to go with 60 touchdowns, mostly for the Packers (but also for the Seahawks and Texans). The last time he was effective occurred in 2006 when he gained 1,059 yards in 14 games.

That, of course, was six years ago, but that doesn’t seem to bother Green, who apparently is ready to return to the NFL (perhaps he knew about LeSean McCoy’s five-year, $45 million contract extension and wanted a piece of that action).

"I've got at least five years left in me to play football," the 35-year-old Green told

Well, considering some believe he has outlived his effectiveness by five years, that’s a nice symmetry of disagreement.

After leaving the Packers for the Texans in 2007, he played only 14 games in two seasons, gaining 554 yards. He returned to Green Bay in 2009 to help the team replace the injured DeShawn Wynn, but he didn’t get much playing time -- at the time, the Packers were looking at Ryan Grant as the running back future.

"My legs were there, they just had to give me more of an opportunity to play," Green said. "They had younger guys, but age or not, it should be about the drive, determination and hard work. I really didn't think they realized how good of shape I was in for my age."

Unable to find an NFL job, Green spent time in the UFL in 2010 and then played in the CFL last season. Now, he wouldn’t mind re-joining the Packers for the third time (get in line, Ahman!), but if not, he says he’s willing to play special teams to get himself back into the NFL.

"I came into the league in special teams, and I'd have no problem doing that again," Green said. "Playing special teams in kickoff coverage, punt coverage. Just put me anywhere. I'm a football player first. That's something my dad always reminded me. 'You're a football player, not just a running back.'

"If a team wants to call me and show serious interest, I'll be ready."

All of this, I’m sure, reminds you of another former middle-age running back who tried a comeback last year to almost no interest from NFL squads. I won’t make that joke, though.

No, I’ll let somebody else do it instead.

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