Watch Now: Breaking Down The Patriots QB Dilemma (1:46)

Cam Newton to New England has been a popular offseason narrative across the NFL, but not in Foxborough. 

At the moment, it appears like the Patriots are intent on having veteran Brian Hoyer and second-year quarterback Jarrett Stidham duke it out to see who can sit on the throne Tom Brady left behind in free agency after signing with the Buccaneers. New England didn't make a move for any of the available veterans that hit free agency (Philip Rivers, Jameis Winston, Andy Dalton, etc.), nor did they pull the trigger on any attainable prospects (Jordan Love, Jake Fromm, Jalen Hurts, etc.) in the 2020 NFL Draft

All that leads one to believe that they're good with what they have in-house. That said, former Patriots safety and current NBC Sports analyst Rodney Harrison admitted while appearing on The Rich Eisen Show on Tuesday that he was disappointed in his old club's decision to not be aggressive with Newton, who still remains unsigned. 

"I thought it would be a great situation where he could have came in at a reduced salary," Harrison said, per NESN. "He could have came in and really learned a lot about just technique and just the intricacies of being on a really great football team with great guidance as far as the head coach and offensive coordinator. 

"I thought that would have been a really, really ideal situation for him. He could have came in, competed. Could have helped the young guy, the young guy could have helped to push him. I thought it would have been a perfect situation. I'm just a little disappointed that the Patriots weren't a little bit more aggressive just recruiting Cam."

A popular narrative that points to New England not being a suitor for Newton is that he wouldn't mesh well with head coach Bill Belichick. Harrison, however, believes otherwise. 

"I don't think Cam would have came in and been a problem," he said. "Cam's a good guy. Yeah, at times he acts a little immature and I'm sure he's learned from that immaturity. ... He's a good person. Yeah, he made some mistakes with some interviews and the way he's handed some situations, but he's a good guy and he's still a great football player."

Newton, a former league MVP, is certainly worthy of being on an NFL roster somewhere, but the current COVID-19 pandemic could be hurting his ability to meet face-to-face with clubs to show that he's at full strength following a season-ending Lisfranc fracture last year. Wherever his next stop is, he could be looking for a starting job, which isn't guaranteed in New England as they'll likely give Stidham every opportunity to take the gig.