Former professional driver Danica Patrick reviews boyfriend Aaron Rodgers' driving abilities

Retired professional racing driver Danica Patrick is always cheering on her boyfriend, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and is often showing how proud she is of his football abilities on social media. Now, she has judged his driving abilities.

Patrick was asked on the Dan Patrick Show how her Super Bowl champion boyfriend is behind the wheel, and despite spending so many years with the best of the best in driving, she was not too harsh on Rodgers' skills.

"He's actually a great driver. He even knows how to set up a corner, naturally. ... Turn and apex exit. So he knows how to set it up, and he knows how to apex the corner,"she said.

Patrick did say that when he is in the driver's seat there are some moments where she is critical of his game-time decisions. She said it's mostly, "a little, like, 'Oh, you had it!' Or, 'You could have gone.'"

When asked who is typically the driver when they are together, she answered that they share the responsibility and take turns leading the way.

During her visits to Green Bay, Patrick said she sometimes goes back into race car mode and goes close to 100 mph. She said it's hard not to, "because there's like five lanes and no cars, so I go fast there."

While Patrick admitted that during her own career she used to get nervous because all the pressure was on her, she told Dan Patrick that while watching Rodgers she is usually pretty calm. However, she noted that when Rodgers' release time is longer than she'd like, she starts worrying a bit.

"But I'll tell you, when he's still holding onto the ball after a few seconds — and obviously, he's great out of the pocket, and he escapes many, many, many people trying to tackle him — I do get a little tense. I get a little, 'OK, babe. OK, babe. OK, babe. Throw that ball. OK, babe,'" she explained.

The Packers are one of the top teams in the NFC, and the league, with a 7-2 record. While football clearly seems to be a better choice than any sort of professional driving for him, he does have the stamp of approval from a retired professional.

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