The Indianapolis Colts had one of the NFL's worst offenses in 2017. The Colts finished the season 31st in yards, 30th in points, and 29th in offensive efficiency, per Football Outsiders' DVOA. At the end of the season, they fired coach Chuck Pagano and replaced him with an offensive-minded coordinator that made the Super Bowl. But after Josh McDaniels reversed course and decided not to accept the job, the Colts turned around and hired the other offensive coordinator from the Super Bowl -- the Eagles' Frank Reich. 

Unlike the Colts, the Eagles had one of the NFL's best offenses in 2017. Philadelphia finished the season ranked seventh in yards, third in points, and eighth in offensive DVOA. And Reich is planning to bring some important elements of Philly's offense to Indianapolis with him. 

"We will be a multiple, attack, up-tempo offense," Reich said, per FOX 59. "We will be aggressive. We'll change things up. What I mean by multiple is we'll use multiple personnel groups and multiple formations. We'll change the tempo. There will be a strong element of the no-huddle offense. We'll build the players around that kind of scheme."

The Colts had one of the NFL's slower offenses during the 2017 season, taking 31.21 seconds per play in neutral situations, according to Football Outsiders, which ranked 23rd in the NFL. The Eagles were only slightly faster, checking in at 17th in seconds per play, but they were among the fastest teams in the league when either trailing (fifth) or leading (seventh) by seven points or more. They were not afraid to put the pedal to the metal in order to pull away from the opposition or make a comeback as quickly as possible. 

Reich did not call the plays for the Eagles, but he did partake in the offensive game-planning along with head coach Doug Pederson and quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo. From the sound of things, there will be a similar arrangement in Indy with Reich and his offensive coaching staff. 

All of this should help the Colts offensively, but nothing will help more than the (hopefully healthy) return of Andrew Luck, the team's best offensive player. Combining new schemes and tempo with his return should help push the team back toward the middle or top of the pack offensively.