Garcon on Redskins: 'If you suck at passing, you suck at passing'

Garcon thinks the Redskins' passing offense 'sucks.' (USATSI)
The Redskins are not a good team. You wouldn't have known that if you watched just the first three quarters of Sunday's game against the Broncos, when Washington led 21-14. But reality returned with all the subtlety of a punch to the throat when Denver reeled off 31 unanswered fourth-quarter points.

The are plenty of reasons for the Redskins' ineptitude, but for wide receiver Pierre Garcon it starts with the offense's inability to throw the ball. And although conventional wisdom suggested things would be different against an awful Broncos pass defense, conventional wisdom was wrong.

"We've had trouble passing all year to tell you the truth. What do you think?" Garcon said after the game, turning the question around to reporters. ".... I can only run the routes, try to make separation. That's the only thing I really can do."

The Broncos' D has allowed, on average, 380 passing yards per game. Robert Griffin III and Kirk Cousins combined to muster just 180 yards on 20-of-39 passing with a touchdown and four interceptions.

Garcon boiled the problem down to its essence.

"Doesn't matter (who you're playing)," he said, referring to the entire offense (via "If you suck at passing, you suck at passing ... We've just got to figure it out."

And right now, the Redskins -- not just the quarterbacks, but the entire offense -- suck at passing. And a bunch of other stuff. Whether they figure it out anytime soon is another matter.

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