Garrard just another 'guy' in Miami QB search

Here are two predictions about the signing of David Garrard in Miami: He won't beat out Matt Moore and the Dolphins will be taking a quarterback high in next spring's draft.

Dolphins fans should get to know Matt Barkley, Landry Jones, Tyler Wilson and Taylor Bray.

Those four quarterbacks will be first-round picks next spring. Your team will need to get one.

Unless Miami drafts Ryan Tannehill of Texans A&M or Brandon Weeden of Oklahoma State, the Dolphins will be getting their long-term guy next spring. And that's OK.

Garrard, who didn't play last year because of back troubles after being released by the Jaguars before the first game, is nothing more than a manage-the-game quarterback, much like Moore.

But at least the Dolphins didn't spend big to get him like they would have done for Alex Smith or Matt Flynn since neither has the look of turning the quarterback troubles around.

Take your lumps, Dolphins fans. And move on.

Your real quarterback won't be on the roster this year. He's coming next year in the draft.


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