Gary Kubiak, Broncos players not concerned about Peyton Manning

Another week, another round of comments coming out of the Broncos' facility about how they're not worried about the struggling Peyton Manning.

Manning, arguably the greatest quarterback in the history of football, is not having a good season. He's 26th among qualified quarterbacks in completion percentage, 31st in yards per attempt, 21st in touchdowns, last in interceptions, second-to-last in passer rating and 24th in total QBR. His Denver offense was last in the NFL in offensive DVOA heading into Week 6 and, after a subpar performance against the lackluster Browns defense, seems likely to stay there. He's struggling. There's no way around it.

Still, nobody with the Broncos has any worries. (via The MMQB)

  • Demaryius Thomas, on Manning's critics: "We don't really care what people say.”
  • C.J. Anderson, on Manning's performance last Sunday: “That’s not a quiet night, but people expect greatness. I’ve always said this about Peyton: When you play 17 years and you play at a high level every year, great things are expected. Peyton threw a few picks, but no one talks about that touchdown throw. That’s him being a great player.”
  • Anderson again: “I know one thing: There are a lot of teams in this league that would kill to have No. 18 on their team.”
  • Emmanuel Sanders, who was seen on TV expressing dissatisfaction with one of Manning's passes: “I don’t get frustrated with Peyton. My body language may be bad, but it’s not directed at one guy. I’m just upset we didn’t make the play.”

The players may not be worried, but head coach Gary Kubiak did indicate that he's going to try some things to help Manning minimize his sudden turnover issues.

"He's got some decisions I know he'd like to have back," Kubiak said, per 247Sports. "When you're the quarterback, you're the guy pulling the trigger all the time. So we know we have to improve in the turnover department, and as a coach, you always look at it, you say, 'OK, were we doing something on that route that maybe I shouldn't be asking him to do or those types [of things]. So that's how you look at things.

"But there's no skating around the fact that we're turning the ball over too much and he and I have got to get that improved and we will."

Denver is still 6-0 and has a 3.5 game lead on the Raiders in the AFC West, so there's not exactly much to be worried about as far as making the playoffs goes. At this point, they really just need to get everybody on their defense healthy and figure out a way to get Manning and the offense rounded into shape by the time January rolls around.

Peyton Manning is off to the worst start of his career. (USATSI)
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