Gary Kubiak explains why Aqib Talib shoved Jordan Norwood after muffed punt

Aqib Talib, like the 75,000 fans at Sports Authority Field on Sunday night, wasn't super-pumped by Jordan Norwood's muffed punt early in the fourth quarter. The Chiefs led the Broncos 16-10 at the time, and instead of Denver getting the ball near midfield with a chance to take the lead ... this happened:

And that led to this:

See that? At the very end of the clip, when one of Norwood's teammates gave him a hard shove?

That was a frustrated Talib, acting on behalf of a stadium full of exasperated fans.

"We compete at the highest level and our guys compete all the time -- practice, game and those types of things. I see guys competing," coach Gary Kubiak said, via the Denver Post's Nicki Jhabvala. "Guys are upset. Jordan and Aqib are fine. I can tell you that. That's not an issue. Obviously emotions get in the way and those are things that we have to talk about. We have to control our emotions. It's a very competitive environment down there. There was no harm intended. I can tell you that. Those two guys are fine and we'll continue to compete."

So does Kubiak condone Broncos-on-Broncos crime (as much as pushing a teammate in a violent sport is a crime)?

"I want our guys to compete," Kubiak continued. "They have to handle those situations better. I tell our guys, 'We battle together, we don't battle each other.' They understand that, but we're out there competing."

Talib said he apologized to his teammate on Monday, and Norwood said the issue won't be a problem going forward -- for the players or in the locker room.

"No, definitely not," Norwood explained. "Me and Aqib sat down one-on-one and talked a little bit and made sure we're on the same page. There were a lot of emotions. It was a long football game. A lot of good plays, a lot of bad plays by us. There's just a lot of emotion behind it. But you love your teammate like I love my big brother and I'm going to make sure he's right."

The Broncos went on to lose to the Chiefs in overtime, but it had nothing to do with Norwood's muffed punt. The Chiefs didn't score on the possession, and Denver led 24-16 with 12 seconds to go in regulation, which was right around the time Alex Smith realized he could throw the ball more than 3 yards downfield.

The playoff implications? The win moved the Chiefs to 8-3 and into the first wild-card spot, while the loss dropped the Broncos to 7-4, which is currently good for 7th in the AFC.

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