Geno Smith doesn't attend 'Jets West' with Mark Sanchez; who cares?

Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith are just having a real good time. (USATSI)
Geno Smith didn't show up for Mark Sanchez's Jets West camp. Oh the horror. (USATSI)

Lord knows we need to pay more attention to the Jets and their quarterbacking situation. Thankfully, Geno Smith decided not to attend Mark Sanchez "Jets West" informal, voluntary, offseason camp in California.

Like it or not, Smith's absence is a HUGE DEAL because these sort of things obviously tell us all about the kind of person and teammate he is.

Or not at all:

Look, who cares whether Smith joins Sanchez out there? The news blew up a little bit during minicamp when Smith said he didn't know if he'd attend or not, but that was mainly because Smith didn't know what "Jets West" was.

Once he learned, it was NBD.

"Mark hasn't officially extended the hand to me, but I'm pretty sure there's no problem there," Smith said. "I'm more than willing to go there."

See, there's no problem. People forget you don't need to accept every single invitation thrown your way in life sometimes. It's OK to say no and skip things, even if you think someone's feelings will be hurt.

And we're talking about football players here, not to mention professionals. It's irrelevant whether Sanchez and Smith -- who, by the way, happen to be competing against one another -- spend time together in the offseason. It's not even relevant if they like one another, as long as they can both do their jobs.

Besides, Tim Tebow went to "Jets West" last year and how'd that work out for him?

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