Watch Now: Kanell and Bell Game Picks: Panthers at 49ers (1:00)

Every once in a while, somebody's job interferes with their personal life. This is the case with NFL players just like everybody else. 

Take Gerald McCoy, for example. McCoy spent the first nine years of his career playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Now he plays for the Carolina Panthers, but his son still plays high school football back in Tampa. 

The Panthers are playing the 49ers in San Francisco this week, and they traveled to the Bay Area a bit early in order to acclimate themselves to the time difference and get ready to play a late afternoon game. That early trip meant McCoy had to miss his son's Senior Night game for Tampa Catholic High School.

Luckily for McCoy, he made some good friends during his time in Tampa, and they went to the game in his place. Check out McCoy's Instagram video, where you can see Lavonte David, Mike Evans, Donovan Smith, and Jameis Winston letting McCoy know how much they care about him and how they wanted to be there for his son when he couldn't be. 

McCoy himself clearly appreciate the gesture.

"People don't understand the type of brotherhood that sports can build," McCoy wrote in his caption. "In my time in the NFL I've grown to earn true brothers. And this is an example of that!! Anybody who knows me knows how much I love my kids so to miss @m_crutch_ Senior night really hurt me. But my brothers stepped in for me. I truly love these kats!! Family for life!! Its bigger than football!!"