Giants' coach sounds committed to Eli Manning for 2019, doesn't rule out drafting Kyler Murray

INDIANAPOLIS -- Eli Manning has been with the Giants for his entire 15-year career and it sounds like the the team is ready to bring him back for at least one more season. 

There's been a lot of speculation about Manning's future in New York and that's mostly because he's struggled through his past two seasons, going just 8-23 as a starter. After the Giants finished 5-11 in 2018, there was some question about whether or not the team wanted to move forward with the 38-year-old as their starting quarterback. 

Apparently, the answer to that question is yes. During an appearance at the NFL Combine on Wednesday, Giants coach Pat Shurmur said he "fully expects" Manning to be the team's quarterback in 2019. 

"I think Eli can help us win games and he proved -- when the players around him started playing better -- that he can play at a very high level and help us win games, so at this point, I want Eli back," Shurmur said. 

Of course, just because you want someone back doesn't mean they'll be returning, so Shurmur was then asked if he "fully expects Manning to return."

"I fully expect it," Shurmur said, while noting that general manager Dave Gettleman would have final say. 

Although bringing Manning back might not be a popular move with fans, it does make some sense for the team. Manning is heading into the final of his contract, which means the Giants are in the perfect position to draft a quarterback and then have that new guy sit one season behind Manning before moving on from the veteran. 

The Giants currently hold the sixth overall pick in the NFL Draft and Shurmur didn't hide the fact that his team might end up selecting a quarterback. 

"It's no mystery, Eli is closer to 40 than he is to 20. That's no mystery and certainly, we're going to try and do the very best we can to get the best players, especially the one that's playing quarterback," Shurmur said. 

One quarterback who might be in play for the Giants is Kyler Murray. Although there was a report that the Giants might stay away from Murray because he's "too small" at 5-foot-10, Shurmur didn't sound like a guy too worried about size. 

"I don't know what's too small. Russell Wilson is 5-foot-10," Shurmur said. "When you watch [Murray] on tape, he's an excellent player. We're going to look at the player and decide whether or not he's a guy we want with the Giants."

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Of course, if the Giants don't draft quarterback, it might be because their plan is to stick with Eli Manning forever. 

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