The Philadelphia Eagles erased an 11-point fourth quarter deficit to defeat the New York Giants on Thursday night. However, that isn't exactly what football fans are talking about following the game. Instead, the lasting memory of the game is Giants quarterback Daniel Jones ripping off a huge 80-yard run in the third quarter and, with absolutely no Eagles defenders in sight, falling while tripping over his own feet.

The Giants still ended up scoring a touchdown thanks to a one-yard plunge from running back Wayne Gallman, but at least one bettor would have really preferred Jones getting the score. According to Bleacher Report, a bettor had placed a $500 wager that Jones would score the third touchdown of the game prior to the 80-yard run.

The odds for the bet were +2952, so if Jones would've scored instead of falling, the bettor would've won $14,760.

While Jones falling was quite funny, it didn't really affect the Giants since Gallman scored shortly thereafter. The bettor does deserve credit, regardless. This was a complete dart throw of a bet considering that a quarterback scoring a rushing touchdown usually doesn't have the highest odds. 

What's sad is that you know this bettor had to be so excited watching Jones run almost the entire length of the field and their heart must've dropped when he tripped and fell.