Last month, a report surfaced stating that Drew Lock has a chance to compete with Giants starting quarterback Daniel Jones this summer. It appears, however, that no such quarterback battle will ensue. 

On Thursday, Lock was asked about possibly being "the most popular guy in town" given Jones' past struggles and the possibility of Luck succeeding him as Big Blue's starting quarterback. Lock, without being prompted to, said that no such succession plan was in the works. 

"I wouldn't say that," Lock said of being the team's most popular player. "I would say, I appreciate the people that respect my game and know what I can do. But you're the backup, and you're here to help Daniel." 

Lock's response was the complete opposite of what Justin Fields said when he recently stated he is "definitely" competing against Russell Wilson to be the Steelers' new starting quarterback. The reality is that both Fields and Lock will respectively back up Wilson and Jones, respectively, to start the 2024 season. 

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The Broncos' second-round pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, Lock is looking to revive his career after a disappointing start in Denver. Sandwiched between his time in Denver and New York was Lock's one season as Geno Smith's backup in Seattle, where he split his two starts while putting up solid numbers in the process. 

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While Lock plans to back up Jones, Giants fans of a certain age know that things can change in a New York minute. In 1990, longtime backup Jeff Hostetler quarterbacked the Giants to the franchise's second Super Bowl win after Phil Simms suffered a season-ending injury. While that same scenario playing out again in 2024 is far-fetched, Lock feels that the Giants are capable of doing something special this season. 

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"This team is really talented, on both sides of the ball," Lock said. "I don't think there's a position that we lack at. I think this is a really good team."