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This offseason has been ripe with NFC East quarterback news. On one note, the Philadelphia Eagles benched and then traded away former second-overall pick Carson Wentz to the Indianapolis Colts to replace him with Jalen Hurts. On another, the Washington Football Team awarded Taylor Heinicke an extension and then released Alex Smith, having already released former first-round pick Dwayne Haskins during the season. The Dallas Cowboys did a thing as well, but in the inverse, signing Dak Prescott to a record-setting contract that keeps him on the roster for at least the next four years, but there's one variable missing in this offseason division rundown: the New York Giants and quarterback Daniel Jones.

So, what of Jones? After all, there's a lot of questions surrounding if he truly has what it takes to take the Giants back to a Super Bowl, but none of those are coming from general manager Dave Gettleman. It's quite the opposite, actually. And Gettleman recently made it clear anyone speculating on Jones one day being given the same treatment as Wentz, Smith or Haskins is sadly mistaken.

He's not doing any evaluation that would involve possibly replacing Jones.

"We've had Daniel for two years," Gettleman told media, via the team's website. "We've done the evaluation on him and we really believe he's the guy," 

He was then asked if the Giants were at least tempted to peek at potentially bringing in QB competition, considering the lot of prospects ready to go atop the first round, and with New York owning the 11th-overall pick and the ability to move higher. 

"No reason to go look," he fired back. "What we're doing isn't fantasy football. We're not playing -- we're not doing that. We've got a conviction on him. 

"He's everything we want. He's got all the physical skills and again I say this all the time: the kid just finished his second year of NFL football. How many of us after two years at our new job were great? No, we all start at point 'A' and we hopefully get to point 'Z,' but the one common denominator is it takes time. 

"Everybody has to understand that. We believe in Daniel and that's where it is."

His sentiments were mirrored by head coach Joe Judge, who doubled down on noting how the talent at QB entering the draft hasn't made the Giants waver one iota in how they want Jones to continue leading their franchise. 

"No, it hasn't at all," Judge said. "It hasn't at all. Again, we have confidence in Daniel, he's a player that we want to work with going forward with this team. He's shown us a lot of improvement, there's a lot of things. I can go on and on about how we respect him and like him and how the locker room responds to him, but the simple answer to that is no."

And with that, the Giants will join the Cowboys as one of only two teams in the division not making a change at quarterback. As a former first-round pick, the club can exercise Jones' fifth-year option next offseason and then open discussions on a long-term deal which, at the moment, appears to be on the calendar -- along with keeping All-Pro running back Saquon Barkley in tow as well.

The problem is the window is closing on making a championship run while Jones is still on his rookie deal, something that would provide evidence to the belief both Gettleman and Judge have in him. Well, that's if you believed in windows, because Gettleman doesn't.

"You giving me the window theory? Microsoft Windows is nice, but I'm not a window theory guy -- I'm just not," he said. "I never have been, and I never will be. So, we're going to keep working the process, keep getting better and we'll get there."

So if you're expecting a CTRL+ALT+DEL at quarterback in New York, it's not happening.