Giants' Odell Beckham shows off his incredible arm strength with an inhuman throw

Odell Beckham Jr., who plays wide receiver for the New York Giants, is reportedly seeking to be paid like a quarterback ($20 million), which makes sense given Beckham is one of the league's best receivers and also because Beckham apparently has an arm that is on par with the Josh Allens, Aaron Rodgers, and Jay Cutlers of the world. 

On Sunday, Beckham showed off his incredible arm strength with a throw that most quarterbacks would approve of. The reaction from the kids in attendance really says it all considering we can't even tell exactly where the ball lands. Make sure you watch with the volume on to get the full effect from the kids:

Clearly, there's more to playing quarterback than just arm strength. After all, if arm strength was everything a quarterback needed to thrive and survive in the football, JaMarcus Russell wouldn't be one of the biggest busts in NFL history and Christian Hackenberg wouldn't be a free agent two years after becoming a second-round pick.

But about that throw ... If the Giants are ever in a situation that requires a full-field Hail Mary, they might be better off letting Beckham handle the throwing aspect of the play rather than Eli Manning. Then again, without Beckham downfield to catch the ball, the pass would likely fall incomplete. Really, the only solution here is to clone Beckham so the Giants can use one at quarterback and another at receiver. Then again, it might be too pricey to keep both Beckhams around on one team. The Giants are already having a hard enough time keeping one Beckham on the team.

Anyway, back in reality, Beckham has decided he won't hold out from training camp despite seeking a new contract, which bodes well for the Giants and for bloggers like me who desperately need viral videos to write about.

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