John Mara does not want to talk about Odell Beckham's off-field behavior. Unfortunately for Mara, the Giants receiver isn't making that easy. 

Earlier this month, a video surfaced online showing Beckham in bed with a woman who appeared to be sorting lines of white powder on a tray. That video made the rounds, and now Mara is being asked about it. The Giants owner doesn't seem particularly thrilled to be in that situation.

Beckham, 25, is approaching the final year of his rookie deal and is reportedly looking for a lucrative long-term contract next spring ... or earlier. Beckham could be seeking upwards of $20 million annually, but his off-field drama seems to be hurting his chances of getting that big-money extension from the Giants.

Mara said the video "wasn't helpful" for extension talks, and it's not the first time that the owner has voiced his displeasure with Beckham's actions. Just this season, Mara went on record saying he wasn't happy with one of the receiver's touchdown celebrations, then had a private meeting with him to discuss it.

Beckham was also named in a $15 million assault lawsuit this week. The receiver's lawyer released a statement on Friday vehemently denying his client's role in the incident described in the lawsuit.

On a brighter note, new Giants coach Pat Shurmur visited Beckham in California while on a scouting trip and said that meeting went "great."