Giants players spend time with Newtown kids

On Thursday, after completing their offseason workouts for the day, about 20 Giants players took a bus to Newtown, Conn., and it sounds like everybody had a wonderful time.

That's what you can see, at least, from the above video in which punter Steve Weatherford participates in and apparently helps his team win a tug-of-war contest. (But hey, Steve, tone down the celebration on your big win. You beat a bunch of young kids, not the New England Patriots -- of course, I’m just teasing.)

Giants receiver Victor Cruz spoke with families of Sandy Hook victims in December and wore shoes during a game to honor the life of 6-year-old Jack Pinto, one of the 20 children killed in the shooting. But a number of NFLers made the trip north to visit this week just to hang out and work up a sweat.

“There, they entertained about 700 rambunctious children from Sandy Hook and other nearby schools,” writes USA Today’s Mike Garafolo. “They played games, threw footballs, ran drills, carried the kids around with one hand, spoke to the children about their future goals and acted like youngsters themselves for three hours into the evening.”

And here’s something offensive linemen David Diehl and Kevin Boothe didn’t realize. Playing dodgeball is dangerous business.

"I got blasted. Same thing with Kevin," Diehl told USA Today. "Especially on the side. Kevin thought if you were a coach, you were OK. That wasn't the case. There were five or six of them who would come after him."

But for Diehl, this was an important day for everybody involved.

"My daughter is 6 years old. You couldn't imagine having that happen to your family and how tough it would be to have your daughter at the school and be in harm's way like that," Diehl told Garafolo. "When it's your family that's never been put in that situation or you have a healthy daughter, it's your obligation to go out and help others. … It wasn't about being a New York Giant and doing this thing for PR or any of this stuff. I don't even like doing this interview because we did this strictly for the kids and for them and took the night so it was all about the kids. It wasn't about us."

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