Giants' A.J. Francis furious with TSA over mother’s spilled ashes in his suitcase

Giants defensive tackle A.J. Francis is not happy with the Transportation Security Administration. USATSI

Having to cope with losing a parent is hard enough, but having to deal with a mishandling of their ashes is something that no child should have to deal with.

Unfortunately for New York Giants defensive tackle A.J. Francis, that's the nightmare he was faced with this week after traveling with his recently-deceased mother's ashes in his luggage. The 28-year-old opened his suitcase to find those ashes spilled on his clothes with a notice of inspection from TSA.

Francis took to Twitter to call out TSA, and -- as you'd imagine, he was pretty furious.

"Hey you pieces of s--- at @TSA next time you a------- feel the need to go thru my mother's ashes for no reason, make sure you close it back so her remains aren't spilled on all my clothes ... the least you pieces of garbage can do is your ----ing job," Francis wrote on Twitter.

In most cases, travelers carrying cremated remains are allowed to bring the ashes on both carry-on and checked luggage, as long as they're transported in a permissible container. According to TSA, agents are instructed to not open a container with cremated remains under any circumstances, even if requested by a passenger. This policy is instituted "out of respect for the deceased."

So, when Francis filed his complaint on social media, the administration's customer service account responded offering an apology and condolences. That apology was not accepted by Francis.

"Under all circumstances f--- yourself," he replied.

The tackle followed up by clarifying his anger on the issue.

"The craziest part of this @TSA s--- is that I don't even care that they checked it ... they were just being cautious, & I can understand that," he wrote. "But to not ensure that it won't spill back into my bag after you put it back in is the most asinine & irresponsible s--- I have ever seen."

A TSA spokesperson has said they received no further response or information from Francis about the incident, but will review the incident in more detail if he provides them with his flight information.

Francis lost his mother unexpectedly last month.

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