The New York Giants will soon be getting a call from the league office, and when they do, they'll be asked to fork over some money. According to multiple reports, the Giants are expected to be fined for illegally using a walkie-talkie on the sideline during last week's 10-7 win over the Dallas Cowboys.

The Giants' headset communication system apparently went down at one point during the game, and when it did, coach Ben McAdoo was seen relaying information via walkie-talkie.

Each team has league-issued walkie-talkies on the sideline for use during games, but coaches are not permitted to use them because -- unlike the headsets -- they do not shut down for the final 15 seconds of the play-clock, a time during which it is illegal for coaches to communicate with the quarterback via radio transmission. They are, instead, only allowed to be used by the backup quarterback.

The Giants indicated that they are cooperating with the NFL on the incident. "We've touched base with the league, we're working through it right now," McAdoo said at his Friday press conference. "I don't have anything to add, but we are working with the league on the incident."

The Giants, though they will face a fine, are not expected to be docked a draft pick for the violation. There has not been any report of a possible suspension, such as the one former Browns general manager Ray Farmer receiver for illegal in-game communication.* The (possible) inconsistency of punishment is par for the course for the NFL.

*Note: This story previously stated that the Browns were docked a draft pick for the violation. They were not. Farmer was merely suspended for four games and the team was fined $250,000.