It sounds like Gisele Bündchen has finally given up on the idea of trying to get her husband to retire. 

For the past year, Gisele has gone into overdrive trying to get Tom Brady to hang up his cleats for good. It started in February 2017 when Gisele pleaded with Brady to retire after the Patriots pulled off a 28-3 comeback to beat the Falcons, 34-28, in Super Bowl LI. 

Brady's response at the time? "Too bad, babe."

"If it was up to my wife, she would have me retire today," Brady said shortly after Super Bowl LI. "She told me that last night three times. And I said, 'Too bad, babe, I'm having too much fun right now.'"

Gisele didn't stop there, though. A few months later, the supermodel tried another tactic: She asked one of Brady's close friends, Jay Feely, to try and talk the quarterback into retirement during a Brady family vacation that also included Feely's family last spring. Feely shared the details of that story in January, and of course, Brady said he had no plans to retire. 

After going 0-for-2 over the past year, it appears that Gisele has finally accepted the fact that Brady might not ever retire. During a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, Bündchen revealed that she's no longer going to ask him to give up football. 

"It's not my decision to make," Gisele said. "It's his decision, and he knows it. It wouldn't be fair any other way."

Apparently, Gisele doesn't want Brady to hold it against her if she were to talk him into retirement when he's not quite ready. 

"He's so focused right now," Gisele said. "He has a laser focus on just winning and being the best, and I said, 'You know what? This is what you're doing right now in your life, and you need to feel complete in it, because if I'm the one who comes and says something and then you make a decision based on something that I said ...'"

It seems that Gisele wants Brady to keep playing football as long as the sport continues to make him happy. 

"I want him to be happy. Believe me, I've been with him when he's losing," Gisele said. "Try to be with him after you have lost [Super Bowls]. I mean, I had my fair share, OK? As long as he's happy, he's going to be a better father, he's going to be a better husband, and I just want him to be happy. I do have my concerns, like anyone would."

The good news for Gisele is that retirement could be coming sooner than most people think. For one, the man who directed Brady's Facebook documentary, Gotham Chopra, thinks that Brady is only going to play two or three more seasons at most

As for Brady, in the final episode of his documentary, he seemed to be asking himself if he wants to keep playing football

"It's a big commitment," Brady said. "I'm sitting here, laying here three days after the year getting my Achilles worked on, my thumb. And you go, What are we doing this for? Who are we doing this for? Why are we doing this? You've got to have answers to those questions and they've got to be with a lot of conviction. When you lose your conviction, you should probably be doing something else."

Let's also not forget about the reported tension between Brady and Patriots coach Bill Belichick. Brady has already said he's going to return for the 2018 season, but after that, it seems that his football future, for the first time in his career, will truly be up in the air.