The Oakland Raiders franchise  -- soon to be the Las Vegas Raiders -- are about to get a major makeover, starting with the highly anticipated move to Las Vegas. The Raiders are set to play in the new Allegiant Stadium for the 2020 season and are in the process of moving all operations to Vegas this offseason. The Raiders are moving to one of the most extravagant cities in the NFL, a popular destination for fans and players alike. Raiders general manager Mike Mayock believes the move to Vegas could help the team in free agency.

"I think first and foremost, we go from a 13% state tax in California to a zero percent state tax in Nevada," Mayock said in an interview with the Raiders' official website. "The players and their agents are very aware of that. I've heard more comments about what our new stadium looks like. You know, that black exterior, the sleekness of it. 

"People are fired up about the Raiders in Vegas. We've got a brand new facility under construction that the players will be living in seven days a week, state of the art in every single facet. I think there's a real excitement about Jon Gruden leading the Raiders into Las Vegas and it extends financially, extends to our facilities, we're gonna be a first rate operation in every single facet and I think that energy will trickle through into free agency."

The Raiders have high hopes for the franchise since moving to Vegas, despite only making the playoffs just once since reaching Super Bowl XXXVII in the 2002 season. Las Vegas will be heading into its third season with Jon Gruden has the head coach, the past two seasons he has stacked up draft picks in order to field a competitive roster for when the team arrived in Vegas. The Raiders have two first-round picks in the upcoming draft and five in the first three rounds. They also will have a projected $57.8 million in available cap space

"We wanna add to that foundation with more quality, with young players in our rookie class this year," Mayock said. "You know, we talk a lot about foundations both on and off the field. We wanna bring great people into our building both in free agency and the draft. We wanna have better depth than we had last year and, and we wanna finish. 

"And I think that's and important to word to me, wanna finish every practice, every game and ultimately the season in the correct fashion."