Golden Tate's 'ADD celebration' could shift his Lions season

Quite possibly the best moment from the Detroit Lions' week six win was Golden Tate's big game and subsequent celebration.

Tate went on a 165 yard, one touchdown rampage against the Los Angeles Rams and decided the best way to share his excitement after he scored was with the Lions' new cheerleading squad.

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When pressed about the celebration on Tuesday, Tate admitted it was a spur-the-moment move, spawned by his own need to always do something different.

"I scored, looked into the camera, blew the kiss, started heading to the sidelines and my ADD kicked in and I went to party with the cheerleaders," Tate joked. "We're glad (to have them). They keep our fan base hype and rowdy."

Regardless of what caused the abrupt celebration, it was certainly nice to see Tate enjoying himself again. For the first six weeks of the season, Tate was frustrated and not as engaged during the game. He wasn't making big plays, nor was he doing anything to show his excitement during the course of the game

Can one interesting celebration -- essentially spurred on by personal excitement -- turn everything around for Tate? It's looking more than possible, as he's a player who has always thrived on positive emotion. When things are going well, he's having fun and playing loose. When they're not, he's grimacing and not having fun.

Finally, he found a reason to enjoy himself during a game in 2016, and that could help get him over the top at the right time during the season. If Tate goes on to have a big second half, the moment it started will be obvious, and it will be the time he decided to relax and have fun on the field again.

Is more dancing in Tate's future? There's no reason to think that isn't the case.

"Your boy's got some rhythm now," he joked. "Don't sleep on my rhythm. They kind of synched-in with me. I didn't synch in with them."

If more touchdowns and big games come, that rhythm could start to be showcased on a consistent basis, which would be good news for the Lions.

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