Goodell: Decision on appeals to be made likely by end of week

Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis will have their appeals heard by Roger Goodell on Tuesday (AP/US Presswire
The decision on the appeal made by Saints coach Sean Payton to Roger Goodell to reduce his year-long suspension likely will be made by the end of this week, Goodell told CNBC Monday morning.

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Already we know that Payton’s appeal on the punishment for the Saints bounty program will be heard by Goodell on Tuesday, along with the appeal by Saints general manager Mickey Loomis -- who was suspended by Goodell for eight games. Both are expected to meet with Goodell at NFL headquarters in New York.

The chances of Goodell reducing the suspension seem rather unlikely, considering Goodell was the one who did the punishing in the first place. As’s Mike Freeman wrote, the appeal is more about delaying the inevitable than trying to change Goodell’s mind.

“Payton, I'm told, is hoping to use the suspension to get clarity on the rules governing what is and isn't allowed regarding contact between Payton and the Saints,” Freeman wrote. “Payton is not allowed to coach the team but Payton wants to know exactly what he can do. But Payton is actually using the suspension for another purpose. It's a delay tactic, the old four corners.”

Win or lose, though, Payton has the support of his team -- and of Jimmy Buffett apparently.

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