Former Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy was arrested for possession of a controlled substance on Sunday in Texas, according to a report from NBC in Dallas.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports Hardy was released by Richardson City Police, apparently on a $5,000 bond.

According to TMZ

, the drug in question is cocaine.

Hardy last played for the Cowboys in 2015 after sitting out the 2014 season on the Commissioner's Exempt List with the Carolina Panthers over allegations of domestic assault. Hardy was suspended for much of 2015 and was hardly a positive influence on the Dallas locker room.

The Cowboys made it clear their experiment with Hardy would be a one-year run. And since then he's been unable to find work with another team, even reportedly getting upset about Aldon Smith landing a contract before he did.

This latest news makes it increasingly unlikely a team would be willing to risk the public-relations nightmare of signing Hardy.

Read between the lines here: the Cowboys, unafraid of taking chances on players, gambled on Hardy and quickly called the dogs off. No one else is willing to go near the young, talented defensive end. He's nuclear. And now he's been arrested for possession of a controlled substance.

It would've been difficult for a team to gamble on Hardy before. Now it's borderline impossible.