Greg Hardy says he'd 'dominate' LeBron James in 1-on-1 basketball

Greg Hardy says he would 'dominate' LeBron James. In basketball.
Greg Hardy says he would 'dominate' LeBron James. In basketball. (USATSI)

Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy is a freakishly good athlete. He's also zany. Which would explain why he thinks he could beat LeBron James in a game of 1-on-1.

Yes, basketball.

"How should I answer this question? I would dominate that dude," Hardy said. "Hands down, guaranteed win. And that’s my favorite player."

You gotta love the casual nature Hardy responds with. (And you gotta love my guy Jonathan Jones of the Charlotte Observer spotting Hardy in a Miami Heat hat and being smart enough to ask him about LeBron.) What's Hardy's logic for this boast?

"I'm a beast."

OK. LeBron James is not terrible though. Pressed further, Hardy said if everyone can talk about LeBron going to the NFL then he's allowed to talk about going to the NBA. Alrighty.

At least Hardy is going to take it easy on 'Bron.

"I’m not saying I would beast him, but I would definitely win," Hardy said. "I got a good shot, I got good handles, I got good size. I feel that we match up pretty well. I was a defensive player in college."

Hmmm. Hardy is listed at 6'4" and 290 pounds on LeBron is listed at 6'8" and 250 pounds. He also plays basketball professionally.

Hardy does have hops though ...

But still, let's be real. LeBron would "dominate" Hardy, not the other way around.

"Yeah, it would be a tight game. I’m not saying I would dominate him," Hardy said. "That was a joke. I feel like I’d definitely win. I think there’s a game there. I don’t think that I’m trash and I don’t think that he’s trash. I think it’d be two dominant athletes playing and I’d come out on top."

Props to the Kraken, though, for entertaining us at least.

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