Greg Jennings: Brett Favre 'told me the pros and cons' of Vikings

Before he made the decision to leave the Packers and head to Minnesota to play for one of Green Bay’s biggest rivals, receiver Greg Jennings decided he needed some advice. So, he turned to a former Packers star who traveled the same path -- Brett Favre.

And Favre was honest, because he told Jennings heading to Minnesota wouldn’t be the perfect move.

“He told me the pros and the cons,” Jennings told Jim Rome on Wednesday. "I asked him how it was over here. He told me some of things I would like and dislike. One of the things that caught my attention was what he said about the people. He said I would love the organization and I would love the people.

“He said the facilities weren’t the best, but the people are the best. The facilities didn’t make or break my decision, but the people would make or break my decision. The moment I stepped off the field and met some of the staff, they were open arms and genuine. They drew me right in.”

You’ll recall that the Packers tried to keep Jennings in Green Bay. The Packers offered him a reported $8 million per season -- that, of course, was way down from the reported $12 million per season the team offered him before the 2012 season -- but ultimately, Jennings accepted the Vikings contract offer of five years and $45 million.

Which then led one Packers player to text’s Mike Freeman the following:

"I don't blame Greg at all,” the player wrote at the time. “I just think he made a mistake. He went from prime rib to Burger King."

Burger King? Man, those facilities must be really subpar, amiright?

While the money was important, Jennings also was impressed by the Vikings' pursuit of him.

“When you play the game at his level, you want to feel wanted and appreciated,” he said. “The Minnesota Vikings did that. They made me feel as though they wanted me and that I would be a perfect fit.”

Rome asked if the Packers didn’t appreciate him, and Jennings laughed.

“I’m not concerned about that side of it anymore,” Jennings said. “I respect those guys over there. Seven great years of my career were played over there, but it’s a business."

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