There's been chatter about the idea of superstar LSU running back Leonard Fournette sitting out a season in order to guarantee he's healthy once he's eligible for the NFL Draft after the 2016 season.

This idea stems from former Georgia star and Rams rookie Todd Gurley injuring his ACL during his last season and potentially risking his status by playing. But even Gurley himself said on Saturday on an appearance with 99.9 The Fan's Big GameDay he believes Fournette should "come back and play" no matter what.

"Come back and play, man," Gurley said. "We don't care about all that, just waiting to go play for the NFL. We're football players. We've been playing this game for our whole life for free or with money. We don't care about that. We play for the love of the game."

It's obviously easier for Gurley to say that now, having successfully returned from an ACL injury to lead the NFL in rushing yards per game. Gurley's total through four games was the most by any player in his first four games at the NFL level, although he couldn't quite match Adrian Peterson's fifth game (220-plus yards) in a matchup against Peterson last year.

But still, very cool of him to feel that way, and you get the sense it's legit.

For Fournette, there's also the matter of it not being a very good look for NFL teams if you skip a year of football in order to try and secure your personal value. It's basically the equivalent of holding out for a contract, except for the whole part about college football not paying anything.

Bottom line? Expect Fournette back, rumbling through opposing defenses next year.

Gurley wouldn't ever sit out a year. (USATSI)