Hall of Famer Darrell Green on Redskins: Team lacks leadership

The Redskins are in last place in the NFC East. They're 0-2 in the division. They're coming off a loss to a bad Vikings team.

What's the deal for a team we picked to have a 9-7 season?

Hall of Famer Darrell Green has a possible answer.


As in, the team lacks it.

In a discussion (watch the video above for the whole thing) about the Redskins on the set of Inside the NFL, the former Redskins corner had this to say about the team's leadership.

"I think that is a problem. I think it is super important to have leadership and I don’t think he (Robert Griffin III) really is the leader… I don’t know if they have a leader… London Fletcher is but I’ve been that old player before and you’re a moral leader, people love you and respect you, but you’re really not the leader. You’re not. If you play a long time and really you shouldn’t be, to many extents, because in my opinion, the leadership should come from the offensive side of the ball because the game is such an offensive based game."

I don't know how you measure leadership. It's either there or it isn't, I suppose. That term's been thrown around a bunch recently, particularly with the Miami Dolphins' bullying case dominating the Internets, and it was in question following a Texans' loss by the team's now-former safety Ed Reed. 

Are the Redskins a young team? Yep. To Green's point, should the leadership come from the offensive side of the ball? Probably. Is there a lack of it? Maybe. 

One thing that likely won't help the alleged leadership vacuum? Replacing the coaching staff. From Cris Collinsworth:

"Don’t fire the coach. They are going to try and fire the coach at the end of the year. It is crazy. You just take what this system is. It is perfectly built for [Robert Griffin III]. Let them develop him as a pocket passer. Next season they are going to be the favorite to win the division."

Nevermind that the defense needs a few playmakers, the offensive line could use a few good men and that the team will be lacking a first-round pick. So as it seems with all things Redskins, it's always about next season. 

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