Harbaugh brothers can turn even Father's Day into competition

Even Father's Day is a competition for Jim (left) and John Harbaugh. (USATSI)
Even Father's Day is a competition for Jim (left) and John Harbaugh. (USATSI)

Just because Super Bowl XLVII's over doesn't mean the Harbaugh brothers have stopped competing with each other. Jim and John Harbaugh compete over everything and that includes who can call their dad first on Father's Day. 

"There's always a race, birthdays, there's always a competition with who gets the call first," Ravens coach John Harbaugh said, via CSNBaltimore.com. "Believe me, my dad does keep track. I got East Coast time; there should be an advantage there."

Thanks to Jim's competitiveness, though, John's three-hour East Coast time advantage probably means nothing. One could easily imagine Jim staying up all night on the West Coast just to beat his brother in being the first to call their dad, Jack Harbaugh. 

Competition aside, John Harbaugh encouraged dads not to take having kids or being a father for granted.  

"I hope all the fathers out there cherish every second of [Father's Day],'' John Harbaugh said. "Seems to me a little bit like a player. You better not take it for granted. We only get our kids for a short span in this life, and there's nothing more precious or valuable than our kids. That relationship means everything to me."

As for Jim, don't be surprised if he spends Father's Day trying to turn his son into a 49ers fan. Jim's son Jay interned for the Ravens last season and even rooted for Baltimore and Uncle John in the Super Bowl

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