After going nearly two months with zero athletic events to watch on television, live sports returned with a bang over the weekend with an unexpectedly riveting golf match that featured Tom Brady and Phil Mickelson taking on Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning in a showdown that raised more than $20 million for coronavirus relief efforts

Although Manning and Woods walked away as the winners, Brady clearly had a good time during the event, and this happened despite the fact that the four men had to play through a torrential downpour for most of the day and despite the fact that Brady tore his pants right down the middle of his dierrier before the foursome even reached the back nine. 

Seriously, that happened. 

The Buccaneers quarterback, who also hit the most memorable shot of the match when he holed out from more than 150 yards away, took to Instagram on Wednesday to list off his nine biggest takeaways from the match. 

If you can't read the entire caption in Brady's Instagram post, here's what the quarterback had to say about everything that happened. 

Brady's nine takeaways: 

1. Amazing what happens when groups of people come together for the common good.
2. Peyton is still as clutch as ever. 
3. I did not escape the inclement weather...heavy stuff...ALL DAY.
4. I shouldn't wear the same pants to golf that I wear to church.
5. As great as Phil Mickelson is as a golfer, he is a better man, coach and teammate and potentially has the best calves on the PGA Tour.
6. I really enjoy halftime of football games we get checked for concussions, in golf, you get refreshments.
7. It was nice to be the young guy again.
8. Tiger Woods was a great host and champion, and I was especially thankful he missed that putt on the 7th hole...had he made it, I would have just went home.
9. I'm sticking to my day job

And now you get my takeaways of Brady's takeaways.

First, I have to admit, that fourth takeaway is very sound life advice. From here on out, you will never see me wearing my church pants to a golf course. Second, Brady is not kidding about Mickelson's calves. My understanding is that he has to register those things as weapons in 39 of the 50 states. 

Also, a very good point by Brady with takeaway six. I have to think that getting refreshments at halftime is way better than getting checked for concussions at halftime. As for Brady's final takeaway, I'm glad he's made the decision to stick to his day job because I really need him on the field in Week 1 so I can see what kind of revenge he gets on Saints coach Sean Payton, who made fun of Brady for his struggles during 'The Match' on Sunday.  

As for the golf match, if this foursome ever gets together again, it looks like Brady would prefer that it happens on his home turf: The football field.