The Cleveland Browns did not have a great year, but who is surprised? The Browns are the only team in the NFL the past decade to never -- yes, never -- have a winning record. So things have not been great over at FirstEnergy Stadium. 

While the Browns have struggled lately, this year was supposed to be different. Heading into the season they were NFC North favorites, even over the now AFC first-place Baltimore Ravens, but now Cleveland stands in the third spot with a 6-8 record, above only the one-win Cincinnati Bengals.

David Samson sits down to discuss the Browns season and what they can do to turn it around for next time on his podcast "Nothing Personal with David Samson," first asking the question, "How is it that the Cleveland Browns continue to surprise me?"

He remembers way back in the summer when, "This was a team that was not just supposed to compete, but win the division."

Samson does not call this season a disaster, noting that he too was part of a team that should have been good and wasn't. He called a disappointing season "Just another Tuesday" to him.

There is something with the Browns that feels different however. "What's different here is the internal conflict that's going on, and it doesn't end," he said. 

Players on the team have been commenting on the team's lack of effort and during games have apparently asked opposing coaches to "come get me," so they don't have to play in Cleveland anymore. Not what you want to see as a coach or owner. 

Jarvis Landry is reportedly among the players who asked the Arizona Cardinals, who by the way are not exactly a superior football team right now at 4-9, to take him from the Browns. 

"Can you imagine wanting to play for the Cardinals?" Samson asks. 

Samson says there is a multi-step formula to fixing whatever is going on in Cleveland and it starts with firing coach Freddie Kitchens, who he says has lost control of the locker room. 

He adds that taking in superstars is not always the way to win and the team needs to get rid of Landry and Odell Beckham Jr. 

Samson reminds coaches that there are many players in the league who no one has heard of that end up being difference makers in games. 

The Browns have not had the best season, but they are still technically in the playoff hunt, at least for now.