If you've read any article about Deflategate over the past 18 months and then scrolled down to the comments section of that article, you've probably noticed that Patriots fans tend to use words like "conspiracy," "ridiculous" and "I hate Roger Goodell" when describing Deflategate.

Apparently, they also like to use another word, and it starts with the letter F. Just ask Ben Affleck about that.

During an interview on the new HBO show Any Given Wednesday, Affleck dropped 18 f-bombs while having a heated discussion about Deflategate with host Bill Simmons.

After the interview aired, a lot people who were watching at home thought that Affleck came across as drunk during the interview, which was taped at 11 a.m. local time for a 10 p.m. ET airing.

Simmons tried to clear things up on Wednesday night by pointing out that Affleck definitely wasn't drunk and that he was just being a passionate Patriots fan.

As for Affleck, he wasn't ashamed at all about how the interview came across. Although he did admit on Thursday that he did have one regret: He wishes he would've used slightly fewer F-bombs, adding:

You can read the transcript of Affleck's interview by clicking here, or you can watch the entire interview by clicking here.

Personally, I'd do both.

Reading Ben Affleck Deflategate rant transcripts is now one of my favorite things to do in the world. The only thing that's better is watching the actual video, which has almost 400,000 views in less than 24 hours on YouTube.