After Tony Romo made the decision to retire and join CBS on Tuesday, one of his biggest fans reached out on social media. Of course, that fan just also happens to be the player who took his job in Dallas: Dak Prescott.   

Prescott, who grew up a Cowboys fan, was one of the first players to send a message to Romo on social media. In a picture posted to Instagram, Prescott thanked Romo for helping him through his rookie year. 

“From a fan of yours to being your teammate: Thank you for the advice on and off the field to making plays that I’ll never forget!” Prescott wrote on Instagram. 

The relationship between Prescott and Romo actually got off to a slightly awkward start in April. After Prescott was drafted by the Cowboys, a few of his tweets surfaced from 2012 where Prescott was doing some Romo bashing

“I was a frustrated fan at the time,” Prescott said. “I’m sure you can go back and look at fans of Mississippi State and they may have said something similar at one point or another, so I was just being a fan. And now he’s my teammate and I’m behind him 100 percent.”

Clearly, the two sides were able to work through the Twitter incident to become close friends. 

As for other Cowboys players who thanked Romo on Tuesday, the list also includes Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott. In a post to Instagram, Elliott thanked Romo for taking him under his wing. 

“Thanks for all the mentorship, camaraderie, and a new friendship,” Elliott wrote on Instagram. “Every since I stepped and Dallas you took me under your wing and made it your job to give me a better understanding of this game to make sure I continue to maximize my potential. Appreciate you, brother.”

Cowboys receiver Terrance Williams got in the Romo action by tweeting out a goat emoji. 

Although the three players above sent heartfelt messages to Romo, it sounds like linebacker Damien Wilson might actually be the teammate who’s most disappointed to see Romo go. 

Romo also received some heavy praise from Jerry Jones. In a statement, the Cowboys owner called Romo one of the “greatest players” in team history. 

“Tony has been a wonderful representative of the Cowboys organization for 14 years, and he left everything he had on the field,” Jones said. “He will leave us with many great memories and a legacy of being, truly, one of the greatest players in Cowboys history. We are thrilled for him and his family that he will be able to continue working as a professional in the game he so dearly loves.”

That’s not really a statement that anyone can argue. Although Romo wasn’t able to win a Super Bowl in Dallas, he is retiring as the franchise leader in passing yards and touchdown passes. The newly retired quarterback also has the fourth-highest QB rating of any player in NFL history who’s thrown at least 1,000 passes