The Ryan Mallett-era ended with a thud on Tuesday when the Texans decided to get rid of their backup quarterback after he missed a team flight over the weekend.

That wasn't the only lowlight from the Mallett-era in Houston though -- his entire 14-month stint with the Texans probably qualifies as one giant lowlight.

Let's take a look at how his career in Houston went down.

The Mallett-era started on Aug. 31, 2014, when the New England Patriots sent their backup quarterback to Houston in exchange for a conditional draft pick. Right away, a lot of people were wondering why the Texans went after Mallett when they had Ryan Fitzpatrick and rookie Tom Savage on the roster.

Mallett sat behind Fitzpatrick on the depth chart until Nov. 5, 2014, when Bill O'Brien decided to name Mallett the Texans starter for Houston's game that week against the Browns. In what might've been the highlight of Mallett's brief career in Houston, the quarterback threw for 211 yards and two touchdowns in a 23-7 win.

Any momentum Mallett got from that win was lost the next week when he tore his pectoral muscle against the Bengals. Mallett threw for 189 yards and tossed an interception in a 22-13 loss.

Even though Mallett only started two games and suffered a season-ending injury in 2014, the Texans felt the need to sign him to a two-year deal in March 2015 that included $1.75 million in guaranteed money for 2015.

Two days after Mallett signed his deal, the Texans signed Brian Hoyer and that was the beginning of the end for Mallett.

After a lengthy training camp battle, Hoyer was officially named the team's starter on Aug 24. Three days after Hoyer was named Houston's starter, Mallett missed practice because he overslept.

Mallett got some good news heading into Week 2 when O'Brien named him the starter for the Texans' game against Carolina. The Texans got some bad news though: Mallett only completed 46.5 percent of his passes and the Texans lost.

Mallett would remain the team's starter until a Week 5 game against the Colts, when he got benched in favor of Hoyer. Mallett left the game for one play to get examined for an injury and lost his job because Hoyer got hot.

Needless to say, Mallett was not happy.

In four games as the Texans starter in 2015, Mallett went 1-3.

Sixteen days after being being benched, Mallett missed the team's flight to Miami. Four days after the missed flight, Mallett got cut.

Mallett's 14-month stay in Houston ends with:

Six: Interceptions.
Five: Touchdown passes.
Four: Starts in 2015 with Houston.
Three: Losses in 2015 with Houston.
Two: Total wins in two years (2-4).
One: Missed flight.
One: Missed practice due to oversleeping.

Texans fans probably won't have fond memories of the Ryan Mallett-era. (USATSI)
Texans fans probably won't have fond memories of the Ryan Mallett era. (CBS screen grab)