The Dallas Cowboys badly wanted Paxton Lynch as the heir to Tony Romo. But not so bad that Jerry Jones would give up more picks in a trade. And now he has to live with the regret.

It's no secret the Cowboys tried to trade back into the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft to nab Lynch. Jones said after the first round he's still dealing with regret of not overpaying

How, exactly, did it all shake out? According to Peter King of, who was embedded in Dallas over the weekend, Jones was talking to the Seahawks about a move up.

Seattle appears to have been simultaneously discussing deals with the Broncos and Cowboys; Dallas was offering a second-round pick (No. 34 overall) and a fourth-round pick (No. 101) to swap with Seattle. Seahawks GM John Schneider wanted the second and also a third-round pick (No. 67) to make it happen.

Jones wouldn't budge off the four.  

“I’m not gonna go jump from Dallas’ tallest, so let’s put this in perspective,” Jones said Friday. “And I live with second-guessing and disappointments. That’s a part of this business. But if I had to do it all over again? I’d give the three.”

Seattle wasn't the only team Jones called, though. From King:

The plan was to offer Dallas’ second-round and third-round picks, 34 and 67 overall, to teams in the late teens and early twenties—Indianapolis, Buffalo, the Jets, Houston—but then swap out the third-rounder for Dallas’ fourth-rounder, 101 overall, starting in the mid-twenties. Cincinnati (24), Pittsburgh (25), Seattle (26), Green Bay (27) and Kansas City (28) all got called. Lukewarm responses, mostly. Buffalo (19) said no to the offer of the second and third. The Jets said no.

The Bengals also called Jones and told him they weren't interested (they would take Houston corner William Jackson III). Pittsburgh didn't even want to trade and stood pat to take corner Artie Burns from Miami.

The Chiefs at 28 were interested in taking a second- and third-round pick as well, but the Cowboys weren't budging there. 

Dallas got one more shot at making the move up but balked. Again, from King:

Now 9:54. Schneider back on the phone. The call was quick. Stephen Jones got off the phone, turned to Jerry Jones at the board, and as one eyewitness recalled son said to father: “No way with Seattle. Too much. They want our two and three.”

The next move everyone knows, as the Broncos made their move to get Lynch, a quarterback for a team with a bigger need.

You can't blame Seattle for doing what they did. 

The Cowboys were offering No. 34 overall and No. 101 overall. Denver sent No. 31 overall and No. 94 overall. That first pick for the Broncos is in the first round, meaning Seattle would get a top-100 pick as well as the control of a first-round selection (they would take Texas A&M lineman Germain Ifedi). 

The Seahawks got their man and the Broncos got theirs. And Jerry Jones was just left to wonder what could have been.

Paxton Lynch is heading to Denver, not Dallas. (USATSI)